Friday, September 5, 2008

Visitor Passes

Now that all the students are settled in with their decals, classes and schedules its time to have visitors on campus.

If you are expecting a visitor to campus, please stop by the parking office to pick up a FREE pass during our business hours. The information we will need to give the pass is the plate #, make and model of the visitors vehicle.

Visitor passes can be made out for a day all the way up to a semester long pass.

If a visitor comes in for a surprise, your visitor may park in a Faculty/Staff space from 5pm-7am the next business day. Or in Torrey Lot from 5pm-9am the next business day. The reason Torrey Lot has an exception, it allows a 1/2 hour for you to obtain a visitor pass from the time the Parking Office open until tickets start to be handed out.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, just looking for clarification-- You mentioned that visitor passes can be made for the day or up to a semester long. Since my significant other visits me at different times throughout the semester, can we just get a visitor pass for the whole semester (and would a semester pass for a visitor still be free?) so that he doesn't have to visit the parking office every time?