Thursday, July 10, 2008

What if my car is here only for 1/2 a year?

If you are a student and will not have your vehicle for the entire academic year and you don't know what to do about registering it, don't worry! This is what we suggest you do......

If your vehicle will be here in the Fall, but not the Spring-you must purchase a decal at full price. Before you leave at the end of the Fall semester of before 12/31, scrape off your decal and return it to the office. I know its sounds easier then done, but we need as much of the decal scraped off even if its in millions of little pieces. After you turn the decal in, you will receive a refund on your general bill that will reflect 1/2 of what you paid in the fall.

If your vehicle will be here in the Fall & J-Term, but not the Spring-you must still scrape off your decal before 12/31 and follow the same instructions as above. Then for J-Term, we will give you a paper pass for your dashboard to cover J-Term. There will be a fee associated with the temporary pass.

If your vehicle will be here in the Spring (starting in J-Term or Spring Semester)-stop by after the holiday break to apply for the decal. The cost will be half of the full year decal.

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