Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Register Online

Online registration is NOW available!

Students may register online to receive a $15.00 discount.

The regular price of decals if you register in person or wait until after 9/4/2008, will be :
Resident Student $125.00 (with discount $110.00)
Day Student $75.00 (with discount $60.00)
Equestrian Student $100.00 (with discount $85.00)

The information that is need for registration of your vehicle is your plate number, plate state & make, model, color and year of your vehicle.

If you have out-of-state plates on your vehicle, you will have to fill out an additional form, the nonresident driver form, that asks for your insurance information and your VIN number from your vehicle. This form is required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to be filled out by every student that has out-of-state plates. If the form is not filled out, you may receive an excise tax bill from Massachusetts.

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