Monday, June 30, 2008

Parking-A Balancing Act

Did you know all the time and planning that goes into making parking spaces? It can become quite a balancing act to create spaces and be eco-friendly. Many communities are concerned about the negative impact on not providing enough parking for business (like our school) since it creates problems for their neighborhoods.

This type of situation does occur during events, banned students park on neighboring streets or park illegally at the village commons. Balancing student, employee and visitor parking is a great task that people take for granted.

So, next time you are mumbling under your breath that there isn't a parking space near your building please keep in mind the college tries to accommodate for vehicles being on campus. There is no simple, correct answer on how much parking is needed. Take advantage of the beautiful work that Facilities Management does for the college's grounds and take a brisk stroll past the wonderful landscape art they do.

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