Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Where are all the Student parking areas?

Student parking areas can be found on the outskirts of campus. Some are even located near dorms for easy access. So, when you are choosing your dorm room keep that in mind if you need to park near the dorm for your activities.

If you chose to live in Ham/Mac, you can park in the student spaces right across the street or even in the Equestrian Center which is right next door. If you live in Abbey/Buck, you can park in the student spaces in the Gorse Lot. Also, if you chose to live in Pearsons Hall, there are those student spaces right near the dorm.

There are other spaces around campus too. There are a couple rows across from the main gate in Mary Lyon Lot & a row near the Betty Shabazz House.

But keep in mind, students may *NEVER* park in a faculty/staff space, even over the summer. So, keep in mind the proximity of spaces while choosing your dorm and schedule!

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