Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Confusing Signs?

Sometimes things are forgotten about around here since everyone is extremely busy. Hey, we are only human! So, if you pull into a parking spot and the sign for that area just seems odd, not making sense or just too confusing, let us know!

At times, the markings on the ground are not changed to match the sign or vise versa right away.

So, if you park your vehicle in the morning and its a regular old sign and when you return to your vehicle and there is now a Handicap Sign and a ticket on your car, just let us know. Since its happened before, it could happen again.

Or you pull into a parking area and the arrow on the sign indicates Faculty/Staff parking on both sides of your parking spot, but there is also a service vehicles sign for the spot next to you which just makes it all confusing, give us a call.

It could be the spaces are in the process of being updated or things have been held up for one reason or another. But, we welcome any feedback about the parking areas.

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