Friday, April 11, 2008

All Bicycles need to be Registered!

If you have a bicycle on campus, it needs to be registered with the parking office. Its *FREE* and painless (well, as long as you provide all the information). After registration, you will receive a decal that is to be placed on the bike for identification purposes.

The reason we require all bikes to be registered is to help with tracking down your bike if it is missing (or misplaced) & identify that the bike belongs to someone on campus.

If you fail to register your bicycle, it may result in removal of the bike from campus. The college has limited bicycle storage & must remove unregistered bikes from campus.

If you purchased or obtained a bicycle from someone who has graduated, you must re-register the bike under your name & obtain a new decal.

The information we need in order to register is:
Serial Number off of the bike
Model Color
Your CID# off of your one card

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