Thursday, April 10, 2008

How to get off campus?

There is roughly 6 weeks left to the semester, but if you have already checked out and is ready to head home (or any other destination) after exams, here is some helpful tips as you plain to head off campus.

If I have a car, can I leave it on campus?
No. Vehicles cannot be stored/left on campus over the summer months. There are storage facilities in the area who do store vehicles for a fee. A recommended company is Community Self Storage Inc in South Hadley, MA (413-552-0300). If you would like other listings, here is a link to MA storage facilities -

How do I get to the Airport or Train Station?
At this time, the college does not provide transportation to the airport or train station. You may try local transportation companies to get you there. We suggest Valley Transporter.

How do I get to the Bus Station?
Usually, Peter Pan adds extra shuttles towards the end of the semester to help transport you to your destination. Please check with Peter Pan to see if in fact they will continue to pick people up on Rt 116, near the Village Commons at the end of the semester.

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