Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Don't Get Towed Away!

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There is nothing worse then coming out of a building to find out that your car has been towed away because of tickets.

If you receive a ticket for parking on campus, please *DO NOT* ignore it. Contact the parking office to find out how to resolve your parking issues before it gets to the point that your vehicle may be towed away because of the amount of tickets you have for your vehicle.

If you are a visitor and have 3 or more tickets for your vehicle, you may be towed away. To avoid this situation, please contact the parking office to see how to remedy this situation.

Always remember, your host can obtain a *FREE* visitor pass to help avoid receiving tickets!

If you are a student and have received notification from the parking office that your vehicle has been banned from being able to park on campus, you may be towed away.

We don't like to ticket, so please park correctly so we don't have to issue any fines!

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